What Font is Patrick Bateman’s Business Card?

The film American Psycho took the world by storm when it was released around a couple of decades ago, and there is a pretty good chance that it launched Christian Bale’s career so much so that he would likely not have become the most iconic Batman on the big screen a few years later. There are so many things that make this movie good that we wouldn’t be able to list any of them down without spending years doing so, so instead we will focus on a particular aspect of its influence that often ends up flying under the radar.

The influence that we are talking about has to do with business card design, and metal cards can be created based on the trends it created as well.

This is because of the fact that the main character of the movie, a truly complex and confusing person by the name of Patrick Bateman who has all manner of violent tendencies and still manages to live a high flying life thanks to his rich father, uses a business card that has a really amazing font on it. The truth of the situation is that everyone wants to use this font because of how beautiful it looks despite the sordid origins of its character who does some pretty terrible things during the movie.

The fact of the matter is that the font that Bateman used on his famous business card in that truly one of a kind scene is called Garamond Classico SC. It is a serif font, and these are becoming a lot more popular these days as people start moving away from the minimalism of sans serif options.

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