The Right Function and Meeting Rooms for Successful Events

Every event is unique and has its purpose. This is why planning can be somehow stressful. However, knowing the right step-by-step process will make things easier and faster. Also, it will lead to success once everything is considered. But still, it is not easy to plan or execute an event. Whether it is for a small meeting or a big conference, it needs to be done perfectly!

In planning an event, one thing that must be taken seriously is where the event will be held.

Choose the Right Venue

Where the event must take place is a crucial decision to make because of several factors that need to be considered. Keep in mind that one of the factors of a successful event is having a perfect venue. So, consider all factors such as the location, capacity, ambiance, cost, and even amenities and safety or security being provided in every venue available today.

It is not easy because there are numerous options for venues nowadays. But look no further because there is the best option for meeting venue singapore for small and big conferences today. It is found in the famous Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium function rooms. Here, they have 13 available meeting rooms, which cater to small to big conferences. The sizes of their rooms vary depending on the types of rooms, namely ballrooms and meeting rooms that have special closed and open terraces. In these rooms, meetings with delegates and guests, business meetings with investors, and even wedding and training workshops can be held here.

What makes Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium special?

They provide quality services to the guests through their amenities. These include the registration convenience and attendee essentials. On registration, they ensure that the guests are relaxed by having signboards pointing directions to the exact venue. Once registered, writing materials, water, and even mint, will be provided. Aside from that, there are parking privileges too. All of these are really the great things about Atrium function rooms.

For those investors or business travellers out there, they can also stay at their hotel and also experience additional perks!

Now, it is not challenging to find the perfect venue for every event because the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is now here! So, do not hesitate to reach their dedicated specialists to find out more about their functions room, other amenities, and services. Feel free to send them an email at or call them at +65 6731 7176. It is rest assured that they will get back to those inquiries raised to them.


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