A Great Guide on How to Use a Grill Microwave Oven

A grill microwave oven is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that combines an ordinary microwave with the ability to grill, toast or crisp brown small items. A grill microwave does not limit you to simply reheating food as it allows you to do more cooking than other microwaves. Here is a quick overview of how to operate some typical features available in most grill-type microwaves.

First steps

To know what it can do, check out the wattage and settings. Most types have between 900 and 1200W. The times and power for meat, pizza, potatoes etc are some of the pre-programmed settings you will find on this kind of appliance. You will also find manual modes which will enable you to set your own cook time plus power levels.

Selecting cookware

A grill microwave oven  allows for the use of bowls made of ceramics, plates made from glass and plastics like Tupperware that can be put into a microwave without any harm. Do not put pans containing metal or aluminum foils inside the microwave because they may damage it or cause electric fires. For grilling, the racks that come with the unit are microwave-safe.

Power Level Setting

Grill microwaves usually have power levels ranging from ten per cent to one hundred per cent. Whereas using lower percentages makes milder cooking possible; higher ones make cooking faster. Set around 30-50% power for delicate things such as vegetables; start at about 60-80% for meats including poultry or fish dishes. Consult the recipes or use pre-set buttons for this.

Cooking Food on Grills

Get your hot food onto grill racks or into a grill pan carefully with oven gloves after preheating. Close the door gently while checking intermittently; occasionally open the door to flip over or rearrange meals without getting burnt by hot surfaces. Meats and vegetables closest to the heat source will cook faster than others. Afterwards, you should use oven mitts once more when taking out hot meals from there. Give it time before serving it; then switch off or reset its grilling function.

Microwaving food

Place food in a microwave-safe cookware on the glass tray’s center, for simple microwaving. Add the time required for cooking. Maintain the power level at 100% for reheating; it can be adjusted to a suitable state as per the recipe or package direction. However, if you heat liquids in a microwave, they might splatter and cause explosions because of high temperatures; therefore they should be heated at lower power levels for short times, stirred well and watched closely.

In closing

In no time you would be grilling mouth-watering veggies, meats, pizzas and many more on your multipurpose grill microwave after some hit-and-miss cooking sessions.