Brooklyn Center For Mindfulness And Psychotherapy

Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy is a state-of-the-art center offering innovative, highly effective, evidence-based therapies for individuals seeking peace of mind, better balance in their lives, or a healthier mental and physical state. We are committed to helping those who experience difficulties with the day-to-day stresses of life, those who struggle with temporary depression or anxiety-related symptoms, and chronic disorders such as PTSD or OCD. Visit and learn more.

Many of us experience daily stresses and difficult emotions. We may feel that we are not coping well with our current situation. We may feel overwhelmed and out of balance and suffer from mild depression, anxiety, or lack of motivation. These feelings can make it difficult for us to enjoy our lives, work effectively, and interact with others.

Psychotherapy can help to relieve these symptoms, but it can also be expensive. Psychotherapy can help with complex issues such as the effects of trauma or the stresses of marriage. However, often psychotherapy is not enough, and you may need more tools to prevent further breakdown or relapse.

Brooklyn Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy practices using Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) guided by a Faculty member with over 25 years of experience as Clinical Director at Mount Sinai Medical Center. This therapy combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques with Meditation and Mindfulness-based techniques to provide an effective and highly person-centered approach that helps us learn how to work through difficult experiences.


We must note that we work with the client to determine the best approach for each individual and use CBT techniques extensively. Our primary goal is to be flexible and to find what works for individuals. Our secondary goal is to teach these skills for life-long coping.

Also, our practice specializes in treating clients who suffer from disorders such as Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Depression, Panic Attacks, or Bi-Polar Disorder. We have worked with clients with complex trauma issues such as early childhood abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.

Many people experience difficulties with their self-concept, identity, or role. They may feel that they are not coping well with the stresses of life or that life does not appear to be working out for them.

These feelings can lead to depression, anxiety, and alienation. These feelings can also make it difficult for us to interact successfully in our relationships and our community.

We encourage the at-home practice of mindfulness techniques, as this is a significant step towards developing healthy daily living habits that will help keep you balanced and on track.

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