Foundational Element of All World Mythologies

Scientific reasons to trust the Bible

Over the past forty years or so, a new, more aggressive group has taken the reins of governing atheistic philosophy. This group was called “New Atheists”, “Strong Atheists”, etc. by the supporters of such strongly propagated ideologies; and “militant atheists” and “extremists” in their opposition; which tends to sermon notes range from what they call “old” or “weak” atheists to Unitarian Universalists and (especially) Christians.

Secrets and importance

However, many illogical, irrational, and offensive propagandistic claims have been made against Christians, Christianity, and the Bible (although it should be noted, by the way, that atheists rarely touch on the subject of Jews or Judaism; in part because many Jews have chosen to renounce Judaism, and partly because they want to tread lightly through this minefield…perhaps sermon notesunfairly many atheists have been compared by misinformed Christians to the Nazis; in particular Adolf Hitler, whose religious beliefs are, in one way or another, still in dispute).

sermon notes

So, what I’m trying to address here is the most basic and important questions by which any and every religion can be judged…even the supposed “irreligiousness” of atheism; which, according to many religious scholars, also includes Confucianism and Buddhism.

Basically, I intend to help the reader/viewer approach the topic from a scientific perspective. It is common knowledge that if something can be proven, it is best scientifically. Indeed, it seems that empiricism, the foundation of true science and logic, are the foundations of sound sermon notes philosophy itself: concepts that are, in most respects, workable. So a brief introduction to the scientific method is in order.

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