Generate Motivated Seller Leads Faster With These Tips

Have you ever wondered about finding motivated seller leads faster? Motivated sellers can come from any area, education level, or income level. In a nutshell, a seller is said to be motivated when they are under pressure to sell, though individual circumstances may differ. For instance, one person may be motivated to sell to avoid foreclosure, while another may be forced to sell quickly due to a job relocation. The investors and wholesalers are responsible for determining the troubling points these sellers have for selling their properties and helping in its resolution. Learn more at about finding motivated seller leads faster.

Send out direct mails

Wait for a response from potential sellers by sending them direct mail. By and large, a decent reply rate for direct mail is around four to five percent. Therefore, if you send 250 mails, you should expect approximately 12 responses. So, how do you distribute your work? Printing solutions providers are perfectly adequate options if you have the funds. You can do it yourself if you have a limited budget. Take your letters to the post office, purchase envelopes, and print them out.

House sale in your future

Filter your leads

Schedule a phone call with each lead after you have received responses on your website or voicemail. During these calls, find out as much info as possible about the seller and their property. Ask them things like why they want to sell the house, how long they have lived there, how much money they are expecting to make from the sale, where the house is located, and what improvements they have made to it. These calls are not made to sell yourself; rather, they are made to gather information and build rapport with potential leads. Inform the seller of the procedure’s workings and the outcomes they can anticipate. When they are ready to sell, they will remember you and trust you.

When you put these tips into practice, you will immediately notice an increase in the number of leads that come to you. Keep in mind that the more you can segment your list and get to know sellers personally, the better you will find motivated sellers.

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