Learn something about genres of video game here

A video game genre is a group of games with similar gameplay elements. Video game genres are something important to know about because it means how the player interacts with that world. Every people’s interest of playing games varies with genres. It is slightly related to psychology. Depending on the mood we play different genres of games. Here are few genres

  • Adventure games have little to no combat, instead relying on narrative and puzzle-solving to advance through the game. There are many story-based game in which players must uncover and solve various puzzles in order to advance the plot. Adventure games include text-based games and interactive novels.

  • Puzzle games can include logic-based levels, requiring the player to use deductive reasoning or quick matching skills. Puzzles can also is based on trial and error, in which the player must first experiment with all of the available objects to determine how each responds. Some games are well-known example of a puzzle video game, as are many digital “room escape” games available on the internet. You can also play with 먹튀.
  • Simulation games are those that mimic or simulate aspects of everyday life. These games are centred on running businesses, constructing cities, or creating people with their own lives. Some simulation game is like which you build the lives of characters to experience the world you have created, whereas many games are like building a theme park are developed to learn managing the people who visit there.

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