The role of the entrepreneur in digital marketing

We spoke before being able to work within a communication agency.

What if you founded your own?

In this way you would become an entrepreneur, creating your own company and a team of people who can work with you to grow the business. You could therefore have graphic designers, advertisers, project managers, copywriters, etc. who work with you

Pros : you have more possibilities of economic scalability than any other of the paths we have seen before, you have the possibility to delegate work and to build a team of people who can believe in your project and support its growth, also covering skills that you personally do not possess and/or do not want to possess. If you build your own company you have maximum freedom in all aspects including time management or the professional direction you want to take day after day.

Developing services

Cons : Don’t get confused by “delegate.” In any case, the entrepreneur is the one who works the most, or at least in the positive sense of the term. Simply because the entrepreneur must not be a boss but a leader, who leads his team, indicates the direction but is also the first to run to achieve the objectives, followed by his team. On the other hand there are certainly many, the major one beyond the one I just told you about is certainly the enormous responsibility that you will find on your shoulders, linked to… the whole company! All people depend on you and your decisions, you must be ready to bear this burden.

How to take this path : in this case I’m sorry but there is no answer. There is no predefined path to becoming an entrepreneur, it is a long, gradual and full of obstacles process that you can only start walking and find your way as you go along it. Surely if you want to be an entrepreneur and open your own marketing agency, you need to have a lot of experience and quality behind you in this sector, to be able to pass it on to your collaborators and perhaps already have a network of contacts in the sector to start selling services of the agency.

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