Things you need to know about breast biopsy :

Breast cancer is most common type of cancer in women. The mortality rate is high in the cases of breast cancer. Early diagnosis would help you to prevent from getting worse. You can have a good treatment and prognosis if the breast cancer is diagnosed in early stages. Many doctors suggest women to have an annual check-upfor the breast cancer. In case of unknown start of breast cancer you can easily get diagnosed in the early stages if you are checking it annually. As the breast cancer has less symptoms, it is difficult for everyone to know it. When the symptoms are shown in the body, the breast cancer will reach into the final stages. So, it is very important for every women to get an annual check-upas the women after forties are at higher risk. The mammogram is the most common investigation for the breast cancer. If something is evident in the mammogram you can go to the further investigations.

If you find any lump like structure in the mammogram and are not able to get the diagnosis you can opt for breast biopsy. Many women have a doubt about the biopsy and think that do i really need a breast biopsy? Biopsy is a process of removing a tissue in doubt and is sent for the testing. When is comes to the breast biopsy, a tissue where a lump is found in the mammogram is taken and is then send to the testing.

The lab testing would give the histology of the tissue. This histological section of the tissue can help you to find the type of the tissue. When it comes to the cancer tissue, the cells have different appearance and activity. You can easily differentiate the cancer cells from the normal cells by seeing the histology of the tissue with the microscope. The pathologist can also tell about the stage and severity of the disease by seeing the activity of the cells in that tissue. From this confirmatory diagnosis you can easily opt for the treatment. When the cancer is diagnosed in the final stages, the activity of the cells are at higher rate. When you try to remove the lump from the breast, there is possibility of recurrence even a small amount of tissue is left while excision.


So, you have to be careful and have a check-up when you feel any difference or difficulty in your breasts.

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