Japanese Wagyu – What You Must Know About This Premium Quality Food

If you are new to Wagyu beef world, you must look at its popular marbled fat content & think, “That cannot be healthy.” But, it is!  Smooth and velvety texture, buttery and juicy flavor, rich and delicate taste may linger on your palate. The unique characters of a5 japanese wagyu are made by the huge proportion of the amino acids (basis of its savories or umami) and its unsaturated fat.

Additionally, “marbling” fat affects its flavor. This marbling on beef is a symbol of quality so it’s a key to first grade beef. But, marbling fat in a beef is not too rich.  But, it can melt into your mouth once you put it in. Marbling is a proof that cattle is raised specially in the vast and lush wilderness by using well-chosen feed, clean air and pure water.

kagoshima a5 wagyu

Amazing Health Advantages of Wagyu Beef

Japanese Wagyu is packed filled with amino acids, iron, protein, and healthy unsaturated fats such as omega-3 & omega-6. Actually, Wagyu has around 300% of more monounsaturated fats compared to the normal beef because of the high marbling effect, and has lowest cholesterol compared to all meats, which includes fish and chicken. The nutrients help in contributing to:

Better Heart Health

High blood pressure, poor diet, obesity, and high cholesterol contribute to higher heart disease risk. Luckily, unlike most of the red meats, oleic acid in Wagyu Japanese Beef and various other foods are high in MUFA and linked to lowering inflammation and blood pressure. This means you may enjoy delicious Wagyu, without any worry about heart disease risk in this process!

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