Most Common Stoma Problems You Might Suffer From

Since stomas are made with the help of surgical procedures on our abdomen, they usually cause certain problems in the long run. A majority of the stoma problems can be treated or prevented by taking care of your stoma regularly. While you can treat most of the stoma related problems by yourself, others might require you to seek medical attention.

Here are a few of the most common stoma problems you might face. Knowing about these problems will help you avoid them as soon as you detect them.

Stoma Leaks

Leaks from your stoma can happen due to various different reasons. Whenever a leak happens, you should get in touch with your doctor and determine the exact cause of the leak.

Usually, a loose ostomy bag can be the main cause of the leak. You are therefore requested to see which ostomy pouch system will fit you perfectly before you can invest in one.

Moreover, you should get the size of your stoma checked by your Health care provider regularly.This will help you take preventive measures before the condition gets out of hand.


One of the most important parts of taking care of your stoma is providing the skin around it with proper care. The skin around your stoma can become sore and start breaking. This is when discomfort hits you.

Therefore, not only should you provide the skin around your stoma with proper skin care, you should also take care of any soreness, redness, or irritation.

Keeping The Bag Odorless

This is usually simpler than you might think it to be. For example, you can invest in a high-quality ostomy bag to prevent any odors from developing.

Moreover, you can keep a pack of alcohol swabs with you to clean the skin around your stoma whenever you replace your ostomy bag.

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